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Title: Feral Specs!
Post by: Jason on January 10, 2009, 09:31:56 PM
First off a DPS / Tank spec:
With this spec it takes all the damage reduction related talents while suffering some bear DPS
However you will also have the main skills needed for mangle spam as a cat
With this spec once you get a good rotation and some good loot you should be putting out 2k+ in 25mans, close to 2k in 10 mans, and 1.5-1.6k in 5 mans.

For a cat rotation in order of importance:
Keep up Savage Roar
Keep up Rake
Keep up Rip
Use Mangle

And why I did it this way:
Feral Instinct - Swipe is you main AoE in bear and soon in cat, you should be doing more damage with it
Savage Fury - You are crazy not to increase mangle damage
Thick Hide - main tanking skill
Feral Swiftness - main tanking skill
Primal Fury - more combo points is always good, as is rage
Primal Precision - 10 expertise is very nice to have
Natural Reaction - again main tanking skill
Survival of the fittest - you have to have this to tank, this is what makes you uncrittable
Improved leader of the pack - the health return for you and your party is nice to have around
Protector of the pack - main tanking skill
King of the Jungle - highly important for Cat DPS and help with aggro on AoE groups
Improved Mangle - main tanking skill

Improved mark of the wild - helps out your group a lot
Furor - important for rage on inital pull and for casting battle reses as a cat
Naturalist - 10% is amazing to have around
Omen of Clarity - free attack are needed for one point
Master Shapeshifter - 4% crit in cat for is vital for keeping up a good rotation

Why no rend and tear:
without shredding attacks shred is too much energy so this is useless in cat form
It is a nice increase to maul, but threat is not really an issue any more

Why no Infecting Wounds:
This is a great tanking talent, it slows incoming damage
However in this build for DPS and tanking there is not the points to waste for very little return

For glyphs:
Rip is for keeping up your cat rotation, with out this you are going to have a hard time keeping up rip all the time
Maul is for hitting two targets, this makes tanking two mobs more than trivial.  Don't even have to focus on the second
Frenzied Regeneration is for those times when you know you are going to need healing soon.  Something along the lines of king dred

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Title: Re: Feral Specs!
Post by: Perrin on January 12, 2009, 04:23:38 PM
Thanks Jason!  I like the new spec! 

Title: Re: Feral Specs!
Post by: Jason on January 16, 2009, 07:19:16 AM
hmmmm code is compiling and a druid from work ask for some information, but I though it fit well in this thread.  Here is the email I sent!

Survival of the Fittest - this talent will now make you uncrittable the talent alone.  Like I said before you need 5.6% reduction to be uncrittable and this gives you 6%
Tiger's Fury - awesome talent for DPS now.  It is off the global cool down, cost no energy but has a 30 second cool down.  If you get it talented it will also give you back 60 energy
Shred / Maul - Both of these talents are increased by effects that increase bleed damage (Mangle).  Mangle no longer has the increase to shred in the tool tip, it is now on the Shred skill itself
Rake - This should now be on your skill bar for kitty.  The damage has been increase to do almost as must damage per energy as shred, you should try to add this to your rotation
Agility - We now don't get as much per point of energy.  We get much less crit then before and much less dodge
Ferocious Bite - This now has some good returns and is great as a finisher for pvp or trash.  Like I said I was getting crits of up to 14k but I am decently geared
Tanking Leather - all armor with green armor values have been removed for the most part from the game(capes and I think some pvp healer items still have some).  You will be tanking in rogue leather.

For tanking I go Agility > Stam > Armor > Expertise > Hit > Defense
Agility is first since it is our only stat for mitigation
Stam is next since it only raises your stam poll to help with spike damage.  Once you hit around 25k unbuffed in bear you should be more then good, more then that will cause a strain on healer mana
Armor is of course our only damage reduction stat.  However with the next patch bear form will only affect leather items, so less important on trinkets and such.
Expertise means less mob parries and then less mob hit plus you hit more often! (A mob that parries will hit back some percentage faster on the next swing)
Hit means more hits against the mob, good for generic threat and will make it so you miss less in the begining where threat is very important and a miss can wipe you.  DPS are now a bit over zealous and can't wait for the tank... though not much has changed there
Defense is now useless for ther most part is not that great.  It only becomes good once you hit 50% dodge through agility then becomes better

For DPS I go Strength > Hit > AP > Agility > Crit >>> Haste
Strength is now our main DPS stats.  With savage roar and survival of the fittest it scales amazingly well.
Hit is still needed.  For a raid boss you will need 8% hit to not miss.
AP of course is great.  Along with savage roar it scales very well
Agility is still nice, but not as nice as it once was.  Adds crit and AP
Crit is good for more combo points, but we are not really a crit based class
Haste is not good at all.  Most kitty damage is from yellow damage, which haste does not affect

a Little background on why haste is not a kitty stat:
I am not 100% sure on this one, but I think Haste does not affect the global cool down on melee skills only on spells
But either way it can only bring the global cool down to at least 1 second but while in cat form (or rogue form or unholy DK presence form) all your skills have a 1 second cool down already
This means haste only can increase your attack speed, which would increase white damage.  Since most damage is yellow, haste becomes not that good... and you already have a 1 second attack speed.
The only good thing is more OOC procs (While OOC procs are normalized on weapon speed, the normalization does not take into affect the haste increase to attack speed as designed)

Tank Spec:
As I think you heard I do some good DPS while tanking, but this is because I am not using a hybrid spec.  Rend and Tear is great for DPS as a bear and only stops me from taking some cat DPS talents.  here is the spec I use to tank:
The 3/5 in furor is a bit of a pain for theat on the initial pull, but other than that it is great.
Title: Re: Feral Specs!
Post by: Perrin on January 16, 2009, 08:40:24 AM
I can't say I have a lot of plus to hit.  I haven't noticed it being a serious problem yet, but I haven't done many raids yet either.  I'm a bit worried about the new changes where they are going to "remove str from items and convert them into AP".  Our attack power is different from say rogues in what we gain from str and I hope it doesn't have a huge negative effect.  From what I'm reading it's not supposed to, but some of the proposed changes sound a bit scary especially from a tanking armor perspective.  The one item I wish I had more of is armor and I see where they seem to be taking some of that away from us (trinkets, rings and weapons I think it was don't get the bear bonus, basically anything that isn't leather).  I'm working for Dodge > AGI > STA I think is how I have been looking at things.  I have been socketing with the dodge/sta gems.  I'll have to look to see if there are dodge/agi gems, that might make more sense to use if there are such things.

Title: Re: Feral Specs!
Post by: Jason on January 16, 2009, 09:12:25 AM
yeah hit is only for raid bosses... for the most part skip it for 5 mans.  What ever is on what you are forced to get should have enough hit on it.  And you will probably never notice a serious problem, just it helps to have more if you want to max your DPS.

For the strength into AP it is only on current druid staffs so hunters will like those staffs too.  Just go with some two handed mace, I have a feeling that those are going to rock... OR POLEARMS!!  I am not too sure about rogues but DPS from strength should be fine, we are not really crit based so everything should work out.  Also for DPS you are going to already have a lot of agility due to the nature of leather DPS gear, it will still be your top stat.  Just where ever you can gear for strength.

For the armor change, look at it more carefully.  Yes we are losing extra armor from trinket and such, but all other armor is getting a 66% boost.  This is going to be a boost to most druids.  Unless you have 2 lich king trinkets with armor on them you are probably going to get a buff.  It seems very little druids understand this and many think that this is a nerf where in fact it is a buff for most... unless you are far in end game content.

For the gems, there is no dodge / agility.  Those are both red stats so you will not find them.  Normally also it is considered that agility > dodge.  They are about the same for mitigation but agility gives more threat and attack power.  You should really only get dodge if there is nothing better to get.