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World of Warcraft Classic has launched, and PIF Silvergate members are encouraged to join us on the Atiesh server for a blast from the past where we relive old adventures and meet new friends!
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September 09, 2019, 08:06:27 PM by Kailef
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While we're not exactly the huge group that we once were, PIF Silvergate has been having a lot of fun in the newly-released "Classic" version of World of Warcraft.  Sadly in this new era, forums such as ours aren't really frequented like they used to be when WoW first launched.  That's a shame too, because the PIF forums were a truly enjoyable place for everyone to hang out in the past.  Perhaps it's my middle-agedness rearing its ugly head, but I'm going to do my best to rekindle these forums, if I am able to at least.

We've got plenty of veteran members joining us in game, plus some new faces that we've recruited.  Some of these people may even be old PIF members that are using a different in-game name!  I'd like to warmly welcome Divinea, Harlak, Hapeie, Orbiter, Church, and Bee to our ranks.  (Yes, I'm going to call you Bee.  It's too late to change my mind, I'm afraid you're permanently stuck with it)

There's a bunch of other new members that I don't know yet, as well, so if I didn't mention you personally, I didn't mean to skip you, I just don't know you yet!
 :-)  There are 39 characters in the PIF Silvergate guild on the Atiesh server as of this moment.  Some are alts and/or bank characters, but I think it's a great start.

Those of you who are reading this - There are two things I'd like you to do!

#1: In the "Guild" tab, set the public note for your main character to "Main" and for each of your alts, set the note to the name of your main.  You can also add your professions to help others know who to mail their extra mats to.  (I'm going to just be a gatherer, sending my mats to others to increase their skill)

#2: Encourage everyone to come to the forums, sign up, and introduce themselves and their characters here!  I know we don't currently have an application process like we used to, but I still want everyone to have a presence here on the forums so that we can communicate effectively.  Discord is great, but it's no substitute for forums.

See you all in game!

November 04, 2017, 09:54:23 PM by Kailef
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There's no details on exactly what this will be, or when it will happen, but I'm totally up for renewing my WoW subscription if Blizzard is going to do this!  I'm very excited about a legitimate Vanilla server.  (Especially if it's pre 1.9 when I can get a super-fast Frostwolf, or at least early enough that I can get Broken Tooth with that 1.0 attack speed!)

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