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Title: Orithia
Post by: AncientOne on November 24, 2007, 04:04:29 PM
Named after the famous daughter of Marpesia, who led an Amazonian army in the Attic Wars to free the amazon queen Antiope and avenge the death of Hippolyta another famous Amazon queen.

Her mother joined many of the amazons who were disinfranchised and moved to the new world. They settled in South America following a great river deep into the bowels of a large continent. Disgruntled with the world they hid in the jungles. They left the deep jungle long enough to befriend mankind in order to procreate. The woman would stay long enough to give birth and insure a female offspring. Then she would take her offspring back to the family in the deep jungle. Male children would be left behind.

It was at this vulnerable time an arachnos expidition stumbled upon her and her mother. Lykopis her mother was nearly 7 feet tall, quite beautiful and an astute warrior. The arachnos guards wer amazed at the ease with which she dispached 5 men of the group that stumbled upon her. She was greviously wounded and taken back to their camp. The leader of the expedition told the doctors that if she died they died. He wanted to learn all he could about this beautiful fighting machine they had captured.

She was subjected to numerous tests and could find no medical reason for her great strength and fighting ability.  A very high ranking arachnos scientist decided to build a jungle retreat for her and her child. So she could be studied. She raised Orithia in the amazon traditions. Taught her how to fight and the secret tennents of the amazon women. When Orithia was 18 her mother told her of her plan to escape their prison. She made her daughter understand that it would probably cost her life to gain her daughter's freedom. But she could not live in captivity any longer. She spurned any male contact that was introduced into their prison, usually killing them.

The escape went exactly as she planned. With her dying breath she told her daughter to stay free and alone. Being nearly 8 feet tall Orithia knew she would not be able to hide long so she made her way to the rogue isles. There she found her talents were in great demand and she thrived, becoming an infamous villian