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Author Topic: Hero Quest  (Read 1642 times)

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Offline Brightblade

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Re: Hero Quest
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2004, 01:42:18 PM »
AncientOne. I will post my template tomorrow for you. My Ranger is at 49 at the moment and it might help. I just don't have the time right now, as I need to get to bed. It might or might not help you.

I would also agree with what everyone else has said.
One thing that I just wanted to point out though. I believe that you do not gain focus back unless you kill a monster over lvl 50. I have been told this by several people, and it seems to hold correct.

Anyway, Congrats again on Hero AncientOne. Donavan, once again, sorry you could not be there. :(

Offline Donavan

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Re: Hero Quest
« Reply #16 on: September 14, 2004, 12:42:53 PM »
I'm late posting this, but here goes.

Late Sunday night into Monday morning at 1:30 am, I finally completed the Hero's Initiation.  Woot, Woot.  And thanks in advance for all the congrats, as most have already gave them to me.  I like to thanks everyone that has helped me get there.  Would have been very difficult getting there without your help.  And a major thanks to one of my Hero's, Tink.  

I don't understand this Lore thing, but I guest I don't have to worry about it till lvl 49.  My Enchanter is lvl 47 and will need almost 100 mill to lvl 48.  

I took the Focus Skill and notice that under my Vigar Bar there was another bar that is white.  I died once and the bar went to half.  So I understand that killing mods with lvl higher ( or 50+ ) will restore this Focus Bar to 100%.  But what is the benitfit of 100% compare to 50%.  I think I know the answer, but hearing it for other makes sure I understand.

My next question is. When do I get more Hero's point?

Offline Brightblade

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Re: Hero Quest
« Reply #17 on: September 14, 2004, 12:49:36 PM »
As promised, here is what my template looks like for my 49 Pure Ranger.
Master          50
Gmaster        50
Paragon         50
Adept            49 *Have a Robe that gives +8
Traillazing       37
Envenom        47
Blinding Arrow 36 (really don't use)
Natures Aid    47 *Should be higher, but will explain later
Sinew Snap    44
Crushing Jaws 41
Forage           41
Assasins Kiss   40 *Don't really use, Try to stay my distance
Hunters Int     51 *Great damage while pet is alive
Rabies            46
Toughen Hide  46
Fiery Jaws        0 *Goes without saying
Symbiosis       46
Lilitha's          42

Max HP          15
Max Vig          16
Max Focus      11
Max Dam        20
Lore              30 * This is only so high because I have the Bloodletting bow which requires 70 lore.

If I did not have the the Bloodletting Bow, I probably would not have aything in Lore. My Natures Aid would be higher, along with my Max Vig, Max Damage, and other Damage dealing attacks.
IMHO, I think Max Vig, Max Damage, keeping your lasher +2 is good. The only reason I let my lasher drop behind me was because I picked up my Pet Tyrant at 48. Only last 6 hours, or until you or it dies, but you can re-summon every 18 hours.
Will make your life alot easier soloing (if you do) on HI.

Anyway, just my two cents, hope it helps. :)

Congrats Donavan!

Edited to tell Donavan congratulations, posted while I was posting my template

Offline AncientOne

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Re: Hero Quest
« Reply #18 on: September 14, 2004, 10:58:32 PM »
The focus I have seen is for when you use your Hero skills, they are hard to use at our levels because we don't get much focus for kills. As we get higher we will be killing higher level mobs and recouping that asset.

[Edit] I have temporarily trained lifestone recall, so I can open a portal to get you and anyone else interested to Aramorra. You should set your lifestone there and use the Hall to get back to Linvak, or the Craigstone and Ikaras nexuses to get to the other worlds. Because if you change your lifestone I don't know of any other way to get to Aramorra. Maybe there is another way that our more experienced bretheren can tell us.

By the way congratulations on hero again.

Thanks Brightblade, that does help.

I am lost. I have gone to look for myself. If I return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

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