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Author Topic: Resto 101  (Read 1125 times)

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Resto 101
« on: January 25, 2011, 05:00:14 AM »
I hope this thread can serve as a base for info on Resto spec changes and discussions going forward.

To start things off, here's a thread called Resto for Dummies on the EJ forums:

Restoration for Dummies

Q. What's a good Resto talent spec?
A. 3/7/31 or some variant thereof. If you don't tank heal very much, you can replace the points in Nature's Blessing with Ancestral Resolve (recommended) or Focused Insight.

Q. Ancestral Swiftness? Really?
A. Definitely. Most Shaman consider it a core talent for any spec. It lets you avoid the fire quicker, helps you get into position faster, and improves your play overall. The 15% boost is better than a standard run speed enchant, so the other minor benefit is that it lets you use something better on your boots.

Q. But I want to use Telluric Currents!

A. Drop one point in Nature’s Blessing and one point in Acuity for it. Don’t go for an Elemental Precision based build, which gives up the extra run speed from Ancestral Swiftness and the throughput from most of the early enhancement talents. Your miss rate on LBs will be higher, but it’s not worth giving up the run speed.

Q. Isn't Totemic Focus a waste of points?
A. No. It affects the duration of Mana Tide Totem.

Q. What Primal Glyphs should I use?
A. Earth Shield, Earthliving Weapon, and Riptide. If you find yourself running out of mana often, consider replacing Earthliving Weapon with Water Shield. Remember, though, that Glyph of Water Shield is only a static bonus and therefore does not scale with gear.

Q. What Major Glyphs should I use?
A. Chain Heal, Healing Stream Totem, and Healing Wave are the only three which really affect anything in a standard raid situation. Healing Wave is the weakest of the three and could be dropped for something like Hex or Ghost Wolf on particular fights.

Q. But doesn't the Chain Heal glyph make Chain Heal weaker?

A. Not if you're hitting at least three targets. Chain Heal is no longer the one-hit wonder that it once was and should only be used when you're going to get multiple bounces.

Q. What stats do I want?
A. Intellect, Haste, Spirit, Crit, and Mastery, generally in that order. Intellect increases starting mana pool, mp5 (via Replenishment), and spellpower, making it a very powerful stat in a world where overhealing matters and mana is a concern.

Q. How good is Mastery for us?
A. Pretty sucky. While we don't yet have any way to determine just how bad it is, Mastery doesn't end up saving us mana, has about the same effect on single target healing as crit without providing Ancestral Awakening or Ancestral Healing procs, and in terms of Chain Heal throughput doesn't hold a candle to haste. Go ahead and reforge all your mastery to something else.

Q. What Meta Gem do I want?
A. Either Insightful Earthsiege (Yes, the level 80 one; there is no level 85 equivalent) or Ember Shadowspirit (54 int and 2% mana)

Q. So what’s a good strategy for gemming and reforging?
A. If you’re unsure, gem for intellect and reforge for haste.

Q. What is the haste soft cap?
A. The haste soft cap is defined as the amount of haste rating it takes to lower a 1.5s cast time spell to a 1.0s cast time (i.e. the minimum GCD). Beyond this value, haste hits diminishing returns as it no longer affects 100% of our spells. In Cataclysm, this value is 5489 with Wrath of Air Totem. Good luck with that!

Q. How do I properly use Unleash Life (UnL)?
A. Use it when you expect the tank to take heavy damage in the next several seconds or when you expect the raid to need healing very shortly. Never use it with Healing Surge (Greater Healing Wave would end up being just as fast with less mana burned), Healing Wave (If the target doesn't need much healing, why are you blowing a 15s cooldown?), or Riptide (same as Healing Wave, except UnL only affects the initial heal.)

Q. How do I properly use Healing Rain?
A. Try to anticipate when a large source of damage is coming and cast it on the melee clump. The radius is large enough that on many bosses you can hit all the melee as well as the tank. The same applies to a clump of ranged players, but ranged is generally less likely to be as grouped up as melee. Be sure to keep in mind any movement or repositioning that may occur!

Q. Does Healing Rain proc Earthliving?
A. This has gone back and forth over the past several Beta patches that I'm not 100% confident, but the answer seems to be "Yes, but at a greatly reduced proc chance".

Q. I'm not getting as many Earthliving procs as I used to. Why?

A. Patch 4.0.3 changed Chain Heal so that it only has 25% of the normal chance to proc. With 2/2 Blessing of the Eternals, there is a 5% chance to proc on targets above 35% health and a 21.25% chance to proc on targets below 35% health.

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Re: Resto 101
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2011, 05:21:45 AM »
Good info.  Thanks for posting this.

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