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Author Topic: Rogues and what they should be doing - Combat Spec  (Read 1187 times)

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Rogues and what they should be doing - Combat Spec
« on: January 24, 2011, 04:22:04 PM »
Since I'm noticing lots of people that don't know what to do with reforging and gemming and all that fun stuff, I thought I'd start a post on rogues.  

I recently spent some time to see what Rogues should be doing.  What I found was a bit surprising to me.

First, here are some websites I think are helpful for a rogue:     (Good site to look up gear, look at rotations, figure out what gem is best for you)  (shows you which stats to stack in what order)  (I like for rating gear and for their enchant options on gear pieces)

Basically you want to get to your spell hit cap so your abilities don't miss.  I believe that is 14%, 6% of which will come from your talent tree.  Once there, you max your expertise to 26/26.  Then you should max out your haste and then mastery and finally crit.  Agility is the single best stat by far for you.  Whenever you can, get it!

Anytime your gear has agility for the socket bonus, it's almost always worthwhile to socket correctly.  

If you need to get to the yellow hit cap, socketing blue’s with hit to take advantage of the spell hit cap is also worthwhile.  Mostly you’ll want to go pure agility and get a meta gem that requires red’s like the 54 crit/1% spell reflect meta gem.  

Always put the slowest weapon in your main hand and the fastest weapon you can get in your offhand.  I have a 2.7 MH and a 1.4 OH for example.  

Glyphs should include Sinister Strike, Adrenaline rush and probably slice and dice although you can pick something else for the 3rd one if you like something else.  

In 5 man instances, I instant poison on my MH and deadly poison on my OH, mainly because the mobs die quickly.  Supposedly instant MH and deadly OH is better as your mastery goes up or the fights last longer.

On gear reforging, I believe you should reforge crit and mastery to expertise till it’s maxxed.  Then make sure your hit % is 14% and reforge any other haste/mastery to hit.  If that’s at 14%, then  you should stack haste with it.  If you are having to reforge hit or crit, then you should elect not to unless you’re over the 14% spell hit cap, which you could then reforge to haste.  For my gear now, I left all my stats that gave me choices of hit/expertise reforges alone and didn’t change them.  Just by doing this, I increased my dps in the same gear by 1,500 dps.  

I use rawr (see link above for where to go to use it) to help decide which piece of gear is right and what enchants to put on it.  Note it allows you to change spec types for your character too, so if you’re a cat and a bear druid, you can choose either and it will give what is the best under each spec.  It will also load the gear you last had when you logged off Wow.  There is actually a nice dps calculator spreadsheet called shadowcraft that's nice too.

I think if you follow the above information, you’ll find your dps improves.  I wish you plenty of shadows in your future.  

4.06 made crit the least desirable stat and mastery is right above it.  For stats you reforge, you want to reforge crit first, then Mastery, then haste.  You want to put it in Expertise till you are at 26/26, then put it to hit till you're spell hit capped, then you would put it to haste.


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