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Author Topic: 4.0.6 changes to Shaman  (Read 1051 times)

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4.0.6 changes to Shaman
« on: January 13, 2011, 09:13:50 AM »
Blue Posts for 4.0.6 :
    * Chain Heal's effectiveness has been increased by approximately 10%.
    * Flametongue Weapon procs now deal roughly 20% less damage.
    * Hex now has a PvP duration of 8 seconds.
    * Purge now dispels a single effect instead of two.
    * Tremor Totem has been redesigned. The totem is now usable under Fear, Charm, or Sleep effects, and pulses much more rapidly, but lasts 6 seconds and has a 1-minute cooldown.
    * The Windfury Weapon proc can now trigger 3 additional attacks, up from 2.
    * Talent Specializations
          o Elemental Combat
                + Earthquake damage has been increased by approximately 10%.
                + Lava Burst's damage has been increased by roughly 10%.
          o Enhancement
                + Flametongue Weapon damage now scales from attack power instead of spell power (for Enhancement shaman only).
                + Purge no longer has its mana cost reduced by Mental Quickness.
          o Restoration
                + Cleansing Waters no longer fires its heal effect twice when a shaman removes a Magic and a Curse debuff with a single cast.
                + Deep Healing (Mastery) has been increased to 3% per point, up from 2.5%.
                + Earth Shield can no longer be dispelled.
                + Greater Healing Wave mana cost has been increased by 10%; healing done has been increased by 20%.
                + Mana Tide Totem has been redesigned. The totem no longer multiplies the Spirit of those affected by it. It instead gives a flat amount of Spirit equal to 400% of the casting shaman's Spirit, exclusive of short-term Spirit buffs affecting the shaman when the totem is dropped. In addition, its effects are now raid-wide.
    * Glyphs
          o Glyph of Hex now reduces the cooldown by 10 seconds, down from 15.

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