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Author Topic: PvP 1v1 Ladder Promotion and Confusion  (Read 1124 times)

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PvP 1v1 Ladder Promotion and Confusion
« on: August 13, 2010, 12:04:38 PM »
Well, I played a few PvP one on one games today and lost 3-4 in a row.  In each case the other guy was "slightly favored".  I did not suffer much in my standing on the Silver ladder, still hanging in around 22nd rank.  Then I played a game which I won.  It this case it indicated before the game started that the players were evenly matched.  After this victory I was vaulted into the Gold league with a position of 49 in the ladder.  WoW.  Now I'm afraid to play any more matches for fear I'll be faced with endless defeats.  LOL.

Of the loses I had today, one or two loses were sound, the others close.  But after each game (win or lose) I've taken to looking at the profile of who I was up against.  It seems all of my opponents were either in the Gold or Platinum leagues, some rather high ranking.  When I was playing the one against a member of the Platinum league, I would have expected to be told they way outclassed me, rather than them being slightly favored.

I'm glad (sort of) to have gotten into the Gold league ladder, but utterly confused about how this ladder matching logic of Blizzards makes any sense.

PIF Silvergate  |  Starcraft Boards  |  Starcraft Chat  |  PvP 1v1 Ladder Promotion and Confusion

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