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Author Topic: Techno Tyrant  (Read 779 times)

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Techno Tyrant
« on: October 12, 2007, 10:22:00 AM »
"So you wanted to learn more about this new guy of yours, Techno Tyrant, eh?

I can't blame you folks for wanting a background check on your new recruits. You came to the right guy. I got your background check alright.. but um.. the price just doubled.

Whoa! okay! okay! take it easy! Ooof! Okay! No charge, alright? Its a freebie, okay, just lay off!

Man, you Silvergate types .. can't even take a joke.. hehehe- ow.

Yea, well Techno Tyrant, see, he's old. Really old. I'm not sure how old. He's Russian, you probably knew that from the accent. But it turns out he was from Russia back in the 40s. Yea, THAT old. But I'm getting ahead of myself. He was the minister of science for Stalin, if you can believe that.

He did all this work on robotics and stuff that was like sci fi back then. Supposedly, he built his first AI in 1949. But his creations were so... abomidable and his robots were so ... violent, uncontrollable, that he was expelled from his position and sentanced to be hung. I guess one of his robots got loose and tore up some fancy ball or something.

Anyways, so he's standing there, ready to be hung. The guy's in his 60's, did I mention that? How old does that make him now? I don't know, old, right? Where was I? Oh.. hanging. Right, so he's standing there waiting and he hits some little button on his wrist and this big robot comes out of this building and starts tearing the place up.

The robot frees him and they run off. Well... that's just the beginning. After days on the run, he gets sick  - contracts some rare disease. I can't even pronounce it. So he finds a way to keep himself alive through his own robotics. But the suit doesn't just keep his disease at bay, it prolongs his life! and all the while he gets better and better at making robots. He spends time in Asia, Africa, the mountains, you name it. The suit lets him go almost anywhere.

But then he drops of the map for decades and suddenly surfaces in the Rogue Isles. Why? I'm not sure, but most people think he's after something. Something big. Heard one guy say he wanted to return to Russia and take it over after he's amassed enough power and robots.

So that's it.. that's what I got.

Say.... what's with your friend pointing the gun at me?"

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