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Author Topic: A first mission  (Read 612 times)

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A first mission
« on: May 24, 2007, 07:01:07 AM »
She said it was a hard mission, and that is why she called me.  This was not a job for any run of the mill villain, and it was my talents that she needed.  She recognized my skills.

Well, if this Kalinda person thought I could handle it, who was I to disagree?  I knew I had the skill, I just wondered how she knew.  I had not really made much of a name for myself yet; that's what I was trying to do now.  Getting on the good side with Arachnos could only help to enhance my rep.

It was to be a dockside meeting, so my best bet was to steal a boat to get there.  Easy enough.  I snuck onto a smaller motorboat down at the marina.  There were plenty to choose from, and they were easy to hotwire.

I followed Kalinda's directions, and found the dockside meeting.  It was easy to know I was in the right spot.  There were plenty of Longbow scum standing guard.  What idiots.  They did not even react to the sound of the boat.  Morons.

I quickly slipped into the shadows without being seen.  I was to break up this meeting, but the boss lady never said anything about not having a little fun while I was here.

I crept up behind the first Longbow guard.  I silently focused the shadow powers I inherited from my dad, and put the full strength of the energy into my fist.  As I punched, I unleashed all the power.  The guard dropped like a stone.  His demise went unnoticed by his friends.  They don't know anything; you always need to keep in sight of the other guards.  Well, that would come in handy.

Systematically, I made my way through all of the guards.  I'll let this "Rogue Operative" get comfortable...then, I will kick his butt.

With all of the the guards permanatly disabled, I could now concentrate on the traitor.  I snuck around searching for him.  Operative Burch.  Traitor to Arachnos and there he is meeting with a Longbow Agent.  I guess Agent Bruckner will have to die too.  Ever the epitomy of stealth, I walked right up to them and listened in for a while.  I bet Kalinda would pay more for whatever they had to say.

Again, I channeled the shadows, took a silent breath, and attacked.  They were much stronger than the guards had been, and for a minute, I thought maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew, but then I thought better.  When Burch lay at my feet, Bruckner sought revenge for his...friend?  Not that it mattered.  His death was just as sweet.

It had definitely been a test of my abilities, but it was a test that helped me get stronger.  A necessary step, and one that I actually enjoyed for a change.

I headed back down to the boat and returned to Kalinda.  She seemed surpised to see me back so soon.  I guess she was playing on my ego before.  Well, I was happy to prover her wrong.  Pay up, lady.

And then she offered me another job.

I shrugged.  Why not?  I could use the cash, and this sure doesn't hurt my rep.

My name is Netherwrath, and if someone pays me, I will be happy to kick get the message.

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