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Author Topic: 11000.R2 PIF Interface Released  (Read 1042 times)

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11000.R2 PIF Interface Released
« on: May 29, 2006, 08:04:44 AM »
Revision 2 of the 11000 mod set is ready for download.

I've been working on this mod set over the last month, and I've successfully raided with the current configuration three times with no problems at all.  There are some large design changes, the most obvious of which is the retirement of DUF (Discord Unit Frames).

My primary focus in compiling this mod set was different than the previous versions.  This time, I spent  great deal of time and effort in streamlining the level of game / graphics performance.  I have a high end machine, and I run between 10-15 frames per per second faster during combat in MC than with previous mod sets.

There are a number of very important changes in this set for those who raid in MC with us.  I strongly advise all of you to download and use, at the very least, the 'base' mod set.

Even those with lower powered computers should have little problem running the full mod set with everything turned on, however.  Give it a shot.

If you need assistance, I can certainly help.  In addition, Silverbranch and Shanni both have a good deal of experience with this mod set as they started running it prior to my "official" release today.
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