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Author Topic: A sorrow farewell...  (Read 4016 times)

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A sorrow farewell...
« on: May 09, 2006, 12:14:40 PM »
OOC:Veltaras, Sentinels, High Priestess Tyrande

Weary from his journey, a armored figure steadily walked through the purple ominous portal of Daranassus.  As the visage of the expansive elven city appeared, the traveller let out a sorrowful sigh.  Being drenched with blood from his most recent battle, several on-duty sentinels immediately intercepted the traveller.

"Halt, what is your business here!"hailed one of the sentinels.

Before the figure could answer the sentinel realized whom he was speaking to.

With widened eyes the sentinel spoke. "Sergeant Veltaras, Please forgive my tone.  I did not recognize you."

After an exchange of salutes.  The sentinel looked towards the rest of guards and waved them aside.

"Please visit The Temple of the Moon.  The High Priestess awaits your arrival." the sentinel motioned.


Once within the walls of The Temple of the Moon, Veltaras could not help be amazed.  The magical powers of Elune were indeed one not to be reckoned with.

After climbing the winding pathway into the temple's second level, a wall of sentinels with weapons readied blocked Veltaras' path.

An ominous voice echoed loudly. "STOP! sheath your weapons!  This man is not a threat."

As the guards backed slowly, a figure came in sight.

After a quick kneel Veltaras spoke with a low tone. "High Priestess Tyrande, I have come per your request."

With a grin the priestess walked over to the humbled warrior and placed her hand on his shoulder.  "Humble friend, please do not embarass me with such a formal response."

"Forgive me priestess.  I am most distressed as of late.  I have lost a dear friend to me.  My mount Remington was slain in battle during the fight for Alterac Valley." said Veltaras in a very soft tone.

Eyes filled with sympathy, the priestess hinted.  "Remington will always be with you in spirit.  When too beings connect their spirits are linked forever.    Valiant warrior, you have done many great deeds for our kingdom and it shall not go unrewarded.  Please see Lelani the Saber Handler."


Villians and demons beware.  Veltaras rides again, thanks to the blessings of the night elf kingdom. RAWWWWWWWWWR!

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