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World of Warcraft Classic has launched, and PIF Silvergate members are encouraged to join us on the Atiesh server for a blast from the past where we relive old adventures and meet new friends!
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PIF Silvergate

PIF Silvergate - World of Warcraft - Guild Resources

1.  Ventrilo voice chat download and configuration information

2.  PIF Silvergate User Interface download and configuration information  (Updated February 15th, 2009)
1.  Ventrilo Voice Chat Software and Configuration Instructions
To participate in the PIF Silvergate voice chat, download the Ventrilo voice chat client.  PIF Silvergate has upgraded their servers to version 2.2.0, so those of you using the previous version will receive an error when attempting to connect to us.  If you are receiving errors when connecting, be sure to uninstall your current version and download and install the latest version.  Also very important is to change the server port number to 3797 rather than the former default port number.

Use the following information when configuring your Ventrilo client:

Hostname or IP

Port number

Not Publicly Released

Default Channel
Leave blank

Here's a screenshot of the correct configuration for the "Setup" page.  The only differences you should have here are that on the right hand side, your Output Device, Input Device, and Mixer settings will usually be whatever your sound card hardware is.  (I use a Sound Blaster Live)  Make sure all the check boxes are set identically to what you see here.

  • If everyone's voices are too loud compared to the sounds in WoW, turn down the "Inbound" volume bar.
  • If people tell you they can't hear you well, try raising the Hardware and Outbound volume bars.  You might also try keeping the microphone closer to your mouth.
  • If your ability to speak works for a while, and seems to stop working for no apparent reason, try unchecking the Use Directsound for Input Device box.


2.  PIF Silvergate User Interface Software and Configuration Instructions
PIF Silvergate User Interface Compilation:  Version 30000b.rc1,  February 15th, 2009  (This is pretty outdated.  Don't use it.)

Download the full PIF interface:  --Click Here-- 
(Click here to see what mods it contains)




30000.rc5 (Release Candidate 5) -- (February 15th 2009)  Due to popular opinion and general panic, we've reverted back to the "A" revision of the 30000 modset.  The only major changes from RC4 is the use of InfoBar instead of Titan.  It's fast, simple, and doesn't slow down your computer.  Yeah, it's not modular, but it works without messing with it.  (I even changed it so that it shows up on the top by default)   QuestHelper should now have most of the Frozen Throne quests in it, too.

30000b.rc1 (Release Candidate 1) -- (February 12th 2009)  DON'T PANIC.  It's simpler than it looks.

30000.rc4 (Release Candidate 4) -- (November 21st 2008)  More general buxfixes for the WotLK release.  Biggest change is the (sorely lamented) passing of the Cartographer mod.  With a little scrounging, I was able to come up with a few mods that replace Cartographer's functionality without requiring much configuration to get working.  Mapster looks and feels like Cartographer, TomTom provides the navigational waypoint arrows, and GatherMate (came in last mod set actually) replaces the gathering skill mapnotes functionality.  Also, we've got a modernized version of GuildMap (again) that replaces the function that shows where guildmates are on the world map.  I recommend everyone moving to RC4 of the modset as soon as possible.

30000.rc3 (Release Candidate 3) -- (November 14th 2008)  General buxfixes and feature additions for WotLK release.  Primarily the same core mods as before, with the addition of a square minimap mod and slash command helper, and oRA2 (Thanks, Aglaeca... oops!)  Also got a few QuestHelper bugfixes.  Note regarding QuestHelper:  You can turn it off and on and access it's menu from the main Map/Cartographer window.

30000.rc2 (Release Candidate 2) -- (October 24th 2008)  Due to the problems getting Cartographer's gathering function working, we've moved to using GatherMate for that purpose.  It appears to work fine, and it has an import function for those of you whom already have a large Cartographer database.

30000.rc1 (Release Candidate 1) -- (October 19th 2008)  I thought about it for a while, and decided on a different tack with regards to our modset.  We're going for simplicity as the most important feature:  Zero, or at least near zero, configuration required.  As such, some of the more complicated mods (Autobar and ArcHud being the most prominent) have been removed, and some mods have been replaced by simpler, easier to manage mods.  The net effect is that even if someone has no idea how to configure mods whatsoever, they will be able to install this modset and play with no problems whatsoever.  My only advice is, if you log in for the first time and get a bunch of errors, type "/console reloadui" in the chatbox.  Shouldn't happen again.  If you still get problems, you may need to clean out your WTF folder - Ask a staff member or experienced PIF member for help with that if you need.  In closing, this is our first Release Canidate for the final WoW 3.0 modset - If no bugs get reported, this will be what we use.

30000.alpha2 -- (October 16th 2008)  Additional mod bugfixes and updates.  Omen3, which uses the built-in Blizzard threat API, has been added, and (thankfully) zThreatBar removed.  Autobar, Perfectraid, RatingBuster, CowTip, AutoProfitX, and Recount have been re-added, as well.

30000.alpha1 -- (October 15th 2008)  Complete rewrite for WoW version 3.  A few things are missing from this release, such as ArcHUD and a few of the minor mods that don't get frequently updated, but for the most part, things appear to be working.  This modset will be updated every few days for the next week or so as some of the slower mod authors trickle their updates in.  Let me know about any errors or problems you encounter.  As before, I am continuing to use StellarUF and StellarBars as the Unit Frame and Button Bar replacements.  I don't personally use them, but they require no configuration whatsoever to be immediately functional, unlike many other replacements of that type.  People will notice that Recount is gone (no good replacement for now) and Omen and GuildCalendar have been replaced by built-in Blizzard functions.

20400.2b -- (July 25th 2008)  Bugfix Release.  Fixes bugs since the latest patch.  Pulled out a few mods that were using more CPU than I prefer.  Replaced Click2Cast with Clique.  Same basic functionality - Just pull up your spellbook to access it. 

20400.2 -- (May 16th 2008)  Okay, so, Parrot left the modset, and then came back, and then left.... *dizzy*  But it's back and working properly now.  This release is a large-scale refresh of all the mods and libraries, bringing everything up to date and getting rid of most of the nagging bugs that were left behind in the last revision.

20400.1c -- (March 15th 2008 - Spit and Polish)  This release returns Parrot to the modset, and permanently removes Violation and Recap in favor of Recount, which has proven to be considerably more accurate and reliable.  Also, as agUnitFrames is no longer being actively maintained, I've been hunting for a better unit frames replacement.  I found three good ones:  Pitbull, xPerl, and Stellar Unit FramesPitbull has the most features and the most granular control of displayed data, but it is quite difficult to configure.  xPerl is similar to Pitbull, but tends to use more processor time and isn't quite as configurable as PitbullStellarUF, however, works flawlessly right out of the box without any sort of excessive configuration required.  It's not quite as feature-rich as the other two unit frame choices, but I've selected it for our modset because it's so immensely easy to use.  Those of you whom would like a more flexible unit frame replacement may feel free to remove StellarUF and try one of the other two.  **** May 15 *** Had to take out Parrot... Again....

20400.1b -- (March 29th 2008 - Patch Fix release revision B) This is a maintenance release that fixes minor bugs in the modset that have arisen since the 20400 WoW patch.  The only really notable changes that I am aware of are Violation being replaced by Recap, Omen being updated to a completely new version, and the replacement of Parrot with (temporarily) Mik's Scrolling Battle Text.  There have been a number of various tweaks and bug fixes as well, mostly to mods that in some fashion or another parse the combat log, since the combat log output has been substantially changed this patch.

20300.1b -- (March 2nd 2008 - Maintenance release) This is a maintenance release that fixes minor bugs in the modset that have arisen since the 20300 WoW patch.  There are a few notable changes including that that that I am leaving my HUD mod, ArcHud, in the modset.  I always take it out for you guys before I upload it, but no longer!  You'll use it and like it!  (Or, you'll disable it.  Whatever's good for you.  Heh.)   

20200.3 -- **Total Rewrite**  (October 11th -- Fourth phase of bugfixes for the 20200 patch.  All bugs that were reported to me have been resolved.)  The PIF Modset has been reworked from scratch.  It now consumes less than one quarter of the memory and system resources of our last version.  Those of who whom have had trouble using the modset in the past due to the lag it causes will find this one to be substantially superior.  The officers and staff have beta tested this modset for a week prior to it's release, and it seems to be going quite smoothly.  Because this is a total rewrite, it is important that you do not install this modset without first renaming (or deleting) your existing Addons folder.

20100.1 -- Upgrade for the latest 20100 patch to World of Warcraft.  Fixes a lot of minor broken mods but doesn't add much in the way of functionality except a mod that turns HP nameplates on when you're in combat, and off when you aren't, and another that shows what changes were made to the guild when you log on.  (Level ups, people joining or quitting the guild, people getting promoted, etc.  It's nifty.  I used to use it frequently.)  Note:  There's a little bug you may or may not see in this mod set.  When you go to train up, you might not see the names of the skills.  You can still click them and see their details, but the names themselves show up as empty in the list.  If you figure out why, let me know!

20003.7e -- Yet another maintenance release.  Various and sundry updates, a few raid tools, etc.  This also corrects a few mistakes I made in the last package, including but not limited to Threatmeter.

20003.7d -- Also a maintenance release.  Major updates to the Ace2 back end stuff which, oddly enough, doesn't seem to change anything.  Also, updated PerfectRaid.  This update will hopefully fix some of the missing dependency problems people were having with .7c

20003.7c -- This is a maintenance release that includes fixes and upgrades for PerfectRaid, Clique, and Deadly Boss Mods, as well as some Ace2 library framework changes.

20003.7b -- PerfectRaid.  Any questions?  :-)  Seriously, though, there's a few other changes as well, but PerfectRaid is the best.  By the way, I'm still using (and prefer) agUnitFrames instead of Sage.  Most people asked for Sage back, but, either one works.  This compilation includes Sage.

20003.6 -- This mod set includes bug fixes and functionality updates for almost every mod we use.  Most importantly are a number of fixes for ORA and Grid which will be necessary soon as PIF and the rest of MC2 is starting to raid again.

20003.5 -- Things have finally stabilized, so this mod set will likely be the last update in the immediate future.  Finally.  :-)  This set, much like the .4 set, doesn't include new functionality as much as a lot of minor bug fixes.  Should be stable and effective for everyone.

20003.4 -- Around 20 mods were updated in this set, most notably MrPlow and the return of Sage in place of agUnitFrames.  I uploaded something similar to this a week ago which was a dismal failure - This should be better.

20003.2 -- Okay, a bit of a more reasonable update today.  Got new versions of MetaMap, Clique, VisualHeal, UberQuest, Bongos, oRA, and La Vendetta.  (La Vendetta has been renamed to Deadly Boss Mods.  Why, I don't know.)  Also removed the PIFBugFix because it doesn't seem to be needed any longer.  Let me know if this is the case!

20003.1b -- Blizzard made a little boo-boo in their last patch - It causes promoting, assigning master looter, and other raid operations not be applied to the person you selected.  I wrote a hack called PIFBugFix that (hopefully) will resolve these issues for the time being.  It is important that you remove this mod after the next patch, because Blizzard has stated that they'll be fixing this issue at that time.  If you leave this mod running after the next patch, it will cause the opposite effect!

20003.1 -- This is the first go at a mod set for the 20003 'open the gate' patch.  Not fully tested but it fixes a number of the first bugs I encountered, and updates all of the TOCs to current.  Largest change is a critical bugfix to Bongos (enjoy redoing your bar positions, bleh) and a complete (and hopefully temporary) replacement of vBagnon, because it entirely breaks the ability to look in your bank.  Finally, we're testing 'Possessions' as a replacement to the still not-quite-working Sanity2 mod.

20000.6a -- UberQuest is back, as well as (hopefully) a fix to the Master Looter problems we've been having.  Also, SuicideKings and oRA2 have been updated. -- Also, hopefully fixes the blank Grid issue.

20000.5b -- Unfortunately, Sage didn't turn out to be as stable as I was hoping, so it's been removed from the mod set in favor of agUnitFrames once again.  This set also includes updated versions of several other mods including La Vendetta.

20000.5b -- Gatherer and Sage are back!  Gatherer is self-modded by me and it seems to work, although the minimap button is broken and beyond my ability to repair.  We should be able to manage with it until the 'real' developers release their own, proper version.  Sage appears to work great as well, although you need to go in and select a bar texture initially or you won't see anything.  Have fun!

20000.4b -- I've changed the way that I distribute the mods in this release.  I've got all of the libraries separated into individual modules, which will hopefully help with the old libs container being blocked by mods that aren't quite up to snuff yet.  More importantly, new versions of SWStats and oRA are in here.

20000.3 -- This is the third stable release of the PIF modset following the 2.0 WoW patch.  It includes numerous stability upgrades, as well as a version of XRS that I repaired myself.  :-)

20000.2 -- This is the second stable release of the PIF modset following the 2.0 WoW patch.  There are some fairly substantial differences, including the removal of CTRaid, which is not currently a viable solution due to the lag it creates.  (CTMod updated CTRaid and indicated that the issue was fixed, but testing indicates otherwise)

It is vitally important that when you upgrade to this new revision of the mod set, that you remove your old Interface folder completely, either by deleting it or renaming it.

As this new revision is a bit different than what we were using in the past, please recognize that even I myself am not fully versed in all of the nuances of this configuration.  Bear with us while we all learn about it together.

20000.0i -- This is the 9th revision of the mod set, uploaded on Thursday at 7:00 PM server time.  Go get it.

This is my fouth edit, uploaded at 7:00 PM server time on Wednesday.  Removed Grid from the compilation to prevent people from freaking about like an Amish family at a Metallica concert.  Added a number of our usual items, the most prominent being KTM ThreatMeter.  Also, I've put "EasyRaid" into the compilation for the time being, as a temporary replacement for PerfectRaid.  It's really a nice mod - I just don't like the raid display too much... But it's better than nothing and not as frightening to Amish people (you know who you are) as Grid.  Go get it.

This is my third edit, uploaded at midnight on Wednesday morning.  It's now worthy of use when raiding, although still lacking in a number of areas.  The most annoying hole (for me) is that it's missing PerfectRaid.  I've put in another raid frames mod called "Grid" which I sort of like, but it's nowhere as clean and easy as PerfectRaid.  I'll do my best to get that included again as fast as possible.  In the meantime, we have a working SuicideKings and ClassChannels, now.  MetaMap is in again as well but the saved locations and mapnotes are pretty messed up...
Just in case you were wondering, this is a BETA release.  Wait, no.  It's a beta release.  Very, very beta.  However, it works, which is more than can be said for our old mod set.  I know there's a lot of stuff missing...  But it's better than nothing!  WARNING - Because many of our members like to use the Bongos toolbar, I have included it in this distribution.  It's hard to set up, so if you don't like to goof around with your mod set, turn it off or delete it.

11200.6 -- Maintenance release, includes, uh....  Some... Uh....  Just download it, mkay?   ;-)

11200.5 -- Maintenance release, includes minor updates to about 20 different mods, including a major update to PerfectRaid.  This is a recommended download.

11200.4c -- Maintenance release to address a few odd issues with GuildFu.  Minor updates of other mods as well.

11200.4b -- Pulled Abacus and added ClassChannels.  Abacus wasn't working right.  :-(

11200.4 -- Yet another maintenance release, but this also contains a new version of PerfectRaid, and a mod that I've been using on my own for months now called "Abacus", which automatically moves your minimap buttons around and arranges them evenly.  I'm including it in this release with a bit of trepidation, because it's not quite perfect yet.  However, if you don't like it or have problems with it, turn it off.  :-)

11200.3e -- Yet another maintenance release.

11200.3d -- Yet another maintenance release.  Contains a more  bug fixes for Heart, BigWigs, Clique, and SHunterTimers.  Also replaces Scrolling Combat Text with Mik's Scrolling Battle Text.  (Type  /msbt to configure it)  You can also get great information from the new Ludwig mod which simply reads from your local item cache - Type /lw to access it and dig for any info about gear that you may want.  Lastly, WitchHunt is a mod that lets you monitor spells being cast around you.  It's convenient but a little spammy until you configure it - (via /wh) Those not comfortable with slash commands should just disable it.

11200.3c -- Maintenance release.  Contains a few bug fixes for Heart, AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, BigWigs, Clique, SuperInspect, and SHunterTimers.  Also adds the mod "AmmoExchange" for those of us who use bows rather than guns.  Automatically exchanges thorium shells for thorium headed arrows just by right clicking on the 'quest' mob at the inn in Ironforge.  If you don't like updating your mod set, this isn't something that desperately needs to be installed unless you're a healer, for the Heart upgrade.

11200.3 -- This should be the final "major" upgrade for the current 11200 WoW patch.  It contains no new features, but fixes all of the known bugs in our current mod set and should work perfectly.  Everyone should upgrade to this mod set as soon as possible to avoid problems in the future.

11200.2 -- Sadly we need to stop using oRA for the immediate future, because it's not quite updated to work with the new patch, and CTRaid is proven to be trouble free.  This mod set fixes lots of stupid errors including the amazingly annoying issue with raid targets changing on their own, main tanks not appearing consistently, etc.  Grab it now!

11200.1 -- For an update that was forced by a WoW patch, this was much easier than I am used to.  The largest and most important change is an update to oRA that allows it to work with the new comm channels.  Without it, we'd have a lot of trouble raiding.  There's a few little glitches with the mod set, but nothing serious:  KTM ThreatMeter is a little bit flaky, MetaMap doesn't size correctly (but works otherwise) and you get a little error message from FlightMap that doesn't seem to affect anything.  I'll release a more 'polished' version of this mod set after you guys and the mod support agents get to mess around with it a bit.  Still, I don't expect there will be much of a change for most of you.  The only setup issue you might experience is that FuBar has updated to version 2, which will likely force you to redo the positions of your bars and modules.  Sorry for it being a little bit rushed, but we need to be using this mod set when we raid.

11100.2 -- This is a maintenance release.  The largest change is the resolution of the problem where people sometimes would not see all of the main tanks.  I figured out why it's been happening, and I sent an email to the writers of CTMod and oRA.  While we wait for the authors to update their mods, I changed some code myself so that it works correctly.  This modified version will 'play nicely' with the unmodified versions.  Beyond that, a number of the other mods have had maintenance releases which I also included in this package.  I raided with this mod set on Saturday and there's no configuration or changes that need to be made.  Just replace your old Interface folder with this one, and everything stays the same, minus a few bugs.

11100.1 -- Likely the least buggy release we've ever had, and the most friendly to lower-end computers, I am very proud of our latest mod set.  There are definitely some differences between our previous sets and this one, but I'm confident that everyone will have very little trouble adjusting to the changes.  Those of you whom are relatively 'computer savvy' will figure out how it works on your own, and those who are not will be able to fully configure this new mod set in only a few minutes with the assistance of one of the mod support agents.  (Shanni and Silverbranch)  The largest change is the replacement of CTRaid with oRA, a streamlined, high performance raid mod,.  Also of note is the retirement of the now-unsupported AceHeal, which is replaced by a fantastic new mod called 'Clique', which does what AceHeal did before, but is easier to configure and non-buggy.  (Just open your spellbook and you ought to have it figured out in just a few monents)  Enjoy!

11100.Final -- (Relatively) certified to work after the 11100 (Scourge Invasion) patch, this mod set fixes lots of mods that failed after the update.  The biggest fixes include CTRaid and AceHeal, but there's around 20 mods that had to be updated or replaced in order to get the compilation to work.  ChatManager is now just slightly buggy, but still does it's job.  I'll update that one when I'm able.  In the meantime: -----> IMPORTANT - If you followed the instructions for the prior mod sets, you added the 'ClearTarget;TargetUnit' command to the left-click in AceHeal.  You (A) need to delete that now, and (B) can't configure it as you did before by typing /'ah config'.  You now need to configure it either by using it's FuBar icon or it's icon on the minimap.  If you don't remove that left click binding, you won't be able to correctly target things.

11000.R2 -- This is my first release since "quitting" the mod compilation business.  I guess I just can't stay away, huh?  No, but seriously, I've been using this new compilation of mods for the last two weeks, raiding in Molten Core, with no problems whatsoever.  Over the last month, I've spent a great deal of time trying to perfect this mod not only for functionality and utility, but for optimization of in game video performance.  I've been getting an average of 10-15 frames per second higher than before using this mod, while in combat in MC.  It works wonderfully.  It continues to use PerfectRaid and AceHeal as the primary raid view, so definitely follow the instructions for 11000.10 listed below to configure AceHeal if you haven't done so already.  The most obvious change you'll notice is the removal of Discord Unit Frames, but there's a lot of other stuff done under the hood as well.  Unless your computer is very, very slow, you should be able to run the full interface set with no negative impact.  Do keep in mind that everyone is, at the very least, required to run the mods found in the base set.

11000.10 -- This update includes several speed enhancements, and one major change - I've implemented PerfectRaid with AceHeal.  Everyone needs to do a small bit of configuration to make AceHeal and PerfectRaid work correctly, however.  Once the game is loaded, type '/ah config'.  Then, click the checkbox that says 'LeftButton'.  Then, type 'ClearTarget;TargetUnit' into the Binding line and click the Save button to the right of the Binding line.  Then, click Close.  This configures AceHeal to correctly select raid members when you left click on them.  If you don't, you won't be able to select raid members!

The other thing I advise doing is typing '/praid filter class' which sets the raid display to sort by class.  Then if you want, you can add a small space between the different classes by typing '/praid voffset -15'.  Then, if you find that when you are in a full 40 man raid, that the raid list is too tall, you can type '/praid scale 0.8'.  Note that any number between 0.1 and 2.0 is a valid scale setting, with 1.0 being the default.  I find 0.8 to be the best setting, however.

11000.9 -- Minor update this time around, not many changes, except for an important update to the KLH ThreatMeter.  All members who raid with MC2 are required to download and install this update.  A quick note on using KLH:  To make it appear, type /ktm raid show, then type /ktm scale 10 to stop it from taking up waaaaay too much space on your screen in a raid.

11000.7 -- This edition updates CTRaid yet again, but also includes a few new additions that really impressed me.  Scrolling Combat Text, FuBar, and SWStats are updated with bug fixes, and the new additions are EngBank, which adds the same functionality to your bank that our regular bags currently have.  (yay!)  The really fantastic addition to this set is called "EasyRaid", which is a set of raid frames which can be used to replace the CTRaid group frames.  They are absolutely fantastic.  I loved them when I tested them out, but they didn't work with AceHeal, so I was going to toss them out.  However, I was talking with the author and he went and grabbed our interface from our site, tested out our customized AceHeal, and modified EasyRaid to work with it!  You configure it by going to the Social panel (press O) and go to the Raid tab.  It's pretty self-explanatory, and is so easy to configure and move around that you'll never want to use CTRaid's frames again.

By the way, if you're one of those people who hate StatRings, you'd better turn 'em off, because I put 'em back in by popular demand.  :-)

11000.6 -- fixes issues with Decursive, ClearFont, NotesUNeed, and replaces the functionality of ReagentData and ReagentInfo (which I have been manually fixing each patch) with Mendeleev, a more streamlined and effective tooltip addon which is regularly updated and maintained by the author.  A nice side effect of this fix is that the the intermittent garbled item tooltops we sometimes saw no longer occur.  Also, in a move I disapprove of, the author of "BossPanel" has decided to rename his creation "FuBar" instead.  This staggeringly lame development has absolutely no bearing on functionality whatsoever.  IMPORTANT - In your World of Warcraft directory, completely delete and do not replace the "Fonts" folder.  This is required in order for the fix to ClearFont to work, which was broken and causing player/mob names not to appear over their heads.  Let me repeat myself in case you were just skimming:  IMPORTANT - In your World of Warcraft directory, completely delete and do not replace the "Fonts" folder.  This is required in order for the fix to ClearFont to work, which was broken and causing player/mob names not to appear over their heads.  Thank you, and have fun.

11000.5 Release 2 -- This is a re-release of 11000.5 which contains bug fixes for... erm... well, a mistake that I made.  *ducks*

11000.4 and 11000.5 -- I was able to repair AceHeal and BeneCast by manually editing the LUA code.  11000.5 adds the latest CTRaid and Gatherer, as well as a fairly important bug fix for ClearFont.  Those running a version of the 11000 mod prior to .5, make sure you update your fonts folder again.  I also added a mod that adds a number of hunter keybindings, one of which tells your pet to attack and puts Hunter's Mark on the target, partially replacing the functionality of the now-defunct SmartPet mod.  Additionally. by popular request, a repaired version of the Hunter Timers mod has been put back in.  (/sht to edit the options)  Word of warning - You now have two mods which create Aimed Shot casting bars.  Hunters will want to turn one of them off, either via /sht or via /zhunter.

Known bugs:  I don't know what's causing it, but a small number of people are reporting freezes when they open their mailbox.  I haven't experienced this, but if you do, see if you can troubleshoot the cause of it.  I suspect either BossPanel-Mail, Sanity, or maybe CT_MailMod.  Let me know.  --  April 8 2005 update -- The mail bug appear to have been fixed.

Just as in the past, download the PIF_Interface.exe file onto your desktop.  The installation instructions are fairly simple this time.  When you double click the PIF_Interface.exe file, it will create an "Interface" folder, a "Fonts" folder, and the "WOWEcon.exe" launcher, all on your desktop.  If you've already got WOWEcon on your desktop, it will ask you if you want to replace it.  Yes or No will work, don't panic.  As before, you delete or rename your existing "Interface" folder that's inside your World of Warcraft directory.  (By default, that's at c:\program files\world of warcraft but some of you may have installed it somewhere else, like c:\program files\wow or c:\world of warcraft)  Once you've done so, just drag the new "Interface" folder  and the "Fonts" folder from your desktop into the World of Warcraft directory.  Then, double click the WOWEcon.exe icon to start World of Warcraft.

If you have difficulties such as your BossPanel not appearing or other mods not functioning properly, odds are the best way to get the mod working again is to delete that mods Saved Variables LUA file.  Here's how:  First, completely exit World of Warcraft and then open up your World of Warcraft directory.  Then, double click the "WTF" folder, double click the "Account" folder, double click the folder with your accout name in capital letters, abd finally double click the "SavedVariables" folder.  Now you'll see lots of files in there.  Find the the file(s) with the same name as the mod you're having trouble with, and delete them.  For example,  if your BossPanel doesn't appear, delete all the files with "BossPanel" in them.

Now then, I'm far too tired to attempt to write detailed instructions on how to set these guys up, so I'm going to leave you with this cryptic list of slash commands and allow you to surprise me with your ingenuity.

A few quick hints, hunters, type '/feedpetbutton unlock' to be able to move that button in the middle of your screen to somewhere else.  Then type /feedpetbutton lock' to lock it in place, and drag a piece of food onto it.  Now, ever time you click that button, it will feed your pet.  Also, you'll see a few circular buttons in the middle of your screen.  If you hold down your ALT key, you can drag those around to wherever you want.  (Those three buttons place all your traps and turn on all your tracking and aspects)

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